Paige's Favorite Things


A tasty way to add electrolytes to your water! Made with CocOganic™, an electrolyte-infused coconut powder and amazing flavors to taste.

Candy Watermelon is my favorite!

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I use this stuff morning, noon, and night.

My favorite is the cacao mix for a nice relaxing evening. 


Relief in yummy gummy form! This product contains zero THC but maximizes effectiveness. Follow your soul!

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I believe ultimate comfort starts in the bedroom. Not only does Pillow Talk ensure the most comfortable night's sleep, they give you a range of contrasting textures to help elevate your space.

Cause + Medic

A  product I use personally in my massage services, Cause + Medic is one of the best CBD products sold for topical use. To purchase, you may contact me directly. 

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