I'm Paige and I run a success massage business that continually challenges me to uplevel. I saw many of my friends in the service industry struggle with things like boundaries, self care, and creating systems to help them do less while the business operated in abundance.

​As my service based business grew, I knew I wanted to connect with other women in similar industries and help them grow. I started a local community that would meet monthly at a local winery.

Then covid happened. So much of our lives are online now a days that I struggled with the idea of bringing my community online. Did I want to be among the sea of voices online - not really making a true and deep connection with the community?

I believe this is absolutely possible, but I knew my goal was true connection while showing women how growth was inevitable - both in business and of self. 

I'm so grateful to host a community that believes in community, in self love, and most importantly, creating deep and unique connections that causes our clients to be like family.

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